Vehicle Protection

September 17th, 2020 by

North Carolina, and surrounding areas can experience changes in temperature that affect your vehicle. Your car, SUV or truck should always be in top condition before you hit the road for all your adventures. Pinehurst Hyundai recommends having your vehicle inspected by a certified service technician one to two weeks before your trip, so you have piece of mind and don’t get stranded by car issues.

Heating System
Chances are that you were cranking up the heat during the cold winter months. The system may need new filters, a cleaning, or a re-charging. If you’re not a do-it-your-selfer, the service team at Pinehurst Hyundai is available to making sure you remain comfortable on the road with a working heating system.

Check Your Fluids
You can save yourself a lot of hassle in the hot-weather months by monitoring your car’s fluids. Fluids that you should check include:
Coolant / Anti-freeze: This is the big one. If your coolant/antifreeze level is too low, it can cause overheating.
Motor oil
Transmission fluid
Brake fluid
Power-steering fluid
Windshield wiper fluid

Monitor Tire Pressure
A freezing winter and pot holes can take a toll on your tires. If you use one set of tires year-round, now is a good time to bring your car in for a tire rotation, a check on the tread, and to ensure that they’re inflated properly. If it turns out that your tires need to be replaced, we can help
you choose tires that suit your vehicle and are built to last.

Replace Your Battery
If your car has an old battery, extreme summer heat can spell trouble. To avoid expensive repairs, it’s worth having your car’s battery tested, or even replaced. Getting a new battery altogether will cost you less than it would to have a dead battery serviced if your car breaks down.

To make your service appointment, you can schedule service online or call 910-684-4041 to make an appointment. Our certified mechanics and state-of-the-art facility makes sure your service is done right the first time. We feature Hyundai Certified Service technicians. We look forward to helping ensure that you enjoy the summer with no vehicle issues!

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